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Whether your goal is to get in shape or lose some weight, I can design a custom program for you so we can reach your goals together.


Bodies Are Built In The Kitchen


It's true you are what you eat! Training is important, but what you eat will cause the most significant change in your body. My meal plans are the missing piece to your fitness journey.

Workout Videos


Being healthy is not just about what you consume it’s also about what you do. Don’t you miss how you use to feel? Aren’t you tired of not being able perform at your highest ability? Routine exercise provides optimized cardiovascular health, weight control, and a balance in your mental state. Follow my Instagram @totalbodiedbyapril for daily fitness motivation.

Transformation Testimonials

I had been dreading working out only because I didn't know where to start or what to do. Now with the help of April, that fear is gone! She is by my side pushing me to do what she knows I can do. She is not letting me give up and making some changes to my workout due to some physical restraints.

-Myra L.

I want to take the time out to recognize Total Bodied by April. April you have no idea the seed you have planted in my life. I appreciate the blessing that you are! I started the journey yesterday and I am not looking back. Thank you for motivating me to get back on the bandwagon and get my body and health back!  

-Nicole F. 

Thank you for being an inspiration to me. In September I was hit by a car. My docotr told me me I would be in a wheelchair until the end of year ...nope not me..wanted to share this with you because you never know how you're inspiring someone and God told me to let you know this morning. Thank you for being a friend. Have a wonderful day.  

-Tacasha L.

April has kept me on track with my training. Her programmes are varied, inventive and challenging and certainly not boring. I thoroughly recommend her workout and meal plans. Peace and blessings dear Queen.   

-Alicia B.